Sunday, May 2, 2010

Starck film- Where do things stand now?

I initiated this campaign because while the short film has done quite well or there's still money on the table so to speak. In our efforts to secure funding for the feature length doc, as well as development for a feature film or episodic TV project, we've come across some road blocks. Primarily, it seems not having Blake Woodall on our team thus far has prevented some in Dallas from really stepping up and backing this project. I get the sense that many are sitting on the sidelines waiting magically for another, better film to emerge from the ether, just straight out of thin air... For more details on the back story go here: or here:

The fact is this: It is now over a year since the other Starck film was announced and yet nothing has transpired...  The bottom line is these folks made a big deal to step on our toes when OUR film, THE ONLY film about Starck was screened at USA Film Fest in Dallas. If these two are so eager to make a film, then where the fuck is their film???

I understand and applaud what Mr. Cain has done with the Dallas International Film Fest, as he's helped put that fest, and by extension Dallas, in the top tier for film venues. But, he schedules the festival only a few weeks before the much older, more established USA Film Fest. As if to make up for it, he then posts the USA schedule on his facebook page... Oh, gee thanks Mikey! 

Look fellow Starckers, if you want the Starck Club get the full on treatment it deserves then by all means let's make it happen! We have the experience, talent, and manpower to do a great doc for very little resources, BUT we need some resources... please help us w/ a micro contribution or just spread the word around, whatever you can do. I've seen one Kickstarter campaign raise 30K, another 15K, (in the ball bark of what we need!) This can be done but we need YOU!!!!!!!! We can't sit around WAITING FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO TELL OUR STORY!!!!!!

But, not only that... Not only we do need some resources, but this is also a bellweather as to how the film would be received commercially. I mean, if we can barely raise 500 bucks the first time around , and not even garner a single red penny thus far, the second time around. What would a potential distributor think of the commercial prospects of such a film? Obviously, they'd be very, very weak. Not only is this about raising resources, but also about raising profile. Currently, Indie gogo is working with MTV new media on finding new and interesting projects. Could you imagine a better partner for the Starck film than MTV? I certainly can't, but it will be very difficult to get their attention if we can't even raise a single penny! Not to mention guys, despite the economic woes, the average Starcker is of PRIME earing age, in the primeof their careers. We're talking 10, 20 bucks here, more if you can afford it. We need you guys, we really do. This is the last hurrah for me. If we can't make any significant progress then I'll put together a decent DVD package with what I've got, send it out to those who've supported us, and call it a day as I'm on the cusp of some other projects. It's up to you!

So, join Ashley Arrington, Britton Schweitzer, Amy Allen, Brian Erzen, Lisa Trammell Wichman, Michael Albala, Joan A Wall, Douglass Martin, David Bradley, Scott Pellet, Brian Erzen, Pamela Scrima, David Bradley, Kristina Bowman, and Shannon Pumajero THANK YOU ALL! This can be done, we've already made a quality short film for next to nothing, now let's take the next step.


  1. First of all - grow up.

    Then actually research your topic and learn a little more about Wade Randolph Hampton aka DJ WishFM.

    Then get your facts straight on which script is being shopped in Hollywood so you don't spread outright lies to people who are trusting that you are honest.

    Then, know I will spare you the reciprocation of the term ‘laughable’ as you’ve termed my literary skills, since you’re doing an excellent job of proving your own value to the world of filmmaking already.

    Then, you probably should go win your first Sundance Jury Prize so you can join our club.

    Then Wiki my DJ master and teacher, Starck legend Rick Squillante, scroll down to ‘Influence’ on his page and ask yourself why I'm basically the only other featured DJ on his page.

    Then call international DJ illuminati- my dear friends-Tiesto, Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, Sasha, John Digweed and Paul Oakenfold and ask them who they consider the today’s Starck DJ prophet. Ask who went on the infamous, almost evangelical mission with the training that Rick and Kerry gave me and if I ever once stopped preaching about the Starck as my foundation.

    Then call Redford- ask why he thinks our ecstasy/DJ film ‘Groove’ was first sold at Sundance ‘99. Ask about my speech at Sundance film premier Q&A that year & standing ovation as I dedicated it all to The Starck. Sony bought the film in the lobby, 15 minutes later.

    Then call why that ‘Groove’ soundtrack album made their Top Ten for 2000 in both categories ‘Best Soundtrack’ & ‘Best DJ/Dance’ albums.

    Then pick up any book ever written on ecstasy that mentions Starck club and wonder why I'm one of the few people they interview.

    Then call the record industry and ask how I sold hundreds of thousands of records and notice I dedicated many to Starck in the liner notes.

    Then call Darren Aronofksy, and ask him why he handpicked Wade in the elite lineup of international DJ/producers for the Requiem for a Dream Remix album.

    1. It's now a full 5 1/2 years after my initial blog post, a full 4 1/2 years after your series of responses, Wade... Still no sign of The Starck Club Documentary... Respectfully, as a donor to the KS campaign, and just a fan of the club in general, I was hoping we Starckers could get some clarity on when we'll be able to see this film. TIA!

    2. Your life seems to have been put on hold awhile........
      When will we ever see The Starck Project? It's 6 1/4 years later.... I'm not sure anyone's buying into 'believe it' anymore!!!

  2. Then call Radiohead and ask them why they invited Wade to play classic Starck Club DJ sets at their tour-ending performances at the Hollywood Bowl. You might want to ask Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke why he preferred dancing to me playing Bauhaus ‘Bela Lugosi's Dead’ after he was done with his fifth encore too.

    Then spend six months working with the late Peter Jennings (RIP) making the greatest doc on this topic to date, as I did. Oh, but you can’t do that any more because we beat you to the punch, almost 10 years ago. I think MTV producers from ‘True Life’ and CBS ’48 Hours’ are still available for comment on the work I did for their competitive ecstasy documentaries back then.

    Then ask any of my high school friends who it was that turned them on to the Starck.

    Then ask his famlly why Wade was tapped to DJ at my mentor Timothy Leary’s funeral memorial. And why I finished out that heartbreaking 7 hour set with Malcom McClaren’s ‘Madame Butterfly’....even though we all know it’s because Rick would have done at the Starck.

    Then go ask my own father how involved I was with the Starck. Ask him how hard his friends in politics and law enforcement tried to get me to stop raising hell for a living. Ask how ironic it is that my Starck experience eventually saved my life and our relationship. Ask if the 10 minute promo I showed him last week brought him to tears.

    Then know Starck owners picked us to make this film. Not you.

    Then spend even one minute in my shoes, becoming a critical player in this global dance revolution for the past 27 years. Know a lot of that work involved great risk, danger, wins, losses, joy, pain, blood, sweat & tears.

    Then, and only then, you'll finally understand just how offensive the words you published about me are to many who have supported my career. I believe myself to be very fortunate, but I do not take any of this legacy for granted.

    Then I suggest you pick your words a little more carefully, kid.

    Because this isn't your story.

    And it’s not just ours either.

    It’s the story of Dallas.

    Then, now and forever and you'll never be able to take that away from us.



  3. Wade you're an impressive dude and I'm certain you'll go out and make a masterpiece! A master of all trades: you're the director, producer, writer, and DJ extraordinairre. I'm just curious w/ that impressive a resume why in the world would you give 2 shits what I had to say... Over a year ago!

  4. It's quite simple, Joseph.

    Try to follow me here...

    You've made a film about a very special place.

    Your connection to the topic?


    But you will likely move on to another topic next.

    Then consider that you didn't go to film school at the Starck but I sure as hell modeled my entire life and career, based on what I learned there. I make films and music at the core of dance/DJ culture and have since the very first on the topic were made.

    It's my life.

    Big difference.

    Now put yourself in my shoes and have a close friend of yours email you an unsolicited, vile piece of 'journalism', questioning your place in your own career. Attacking my writing style as 'laughable' when I seriously doubt you've ever read my script. We've issued the screenplay to only top film execs, agents, writers, and actors. I'm quite sure you did not make that short list.

    SO yes, you're right -it is alarming that the same misinformed bullshit is still up on your blog, a year later. Even after you claim to have settled any/all supposed differences. You've questioned my place at Starck and my ability to translate the story. So yeah...I give two shits. I live in Dallas, Texas where we care about what people say and often hold them accountable.

    I know the internet is a really fascinating place where it's convenient to throw literary grenades and then run out of the room, which is exactly what you've done.

    It's easy. That's why guys like you do it.


    But prepare to face the roar.

    Loud. Clear.

    And I've got an army of folks who feel the same way.

    That's how we roll.

    My two cents.

    - W

    1. Your life seems to have been put on hold awhile........
      When will we ever see The Starck Project? It's 6 1/4 years later.... I'm not sure anyone's buying into 'believe it' anymore!!!

  5. I've run nowhere. I find it amusing though coming from the guy who posted on his web page for Starck people NOT to talk to us. Then when I make a phone call to clarify, hmmmm he's nowhere to be found.

    I have edited the more contentious pieces of the post however. You can certainly make the case for your literary skills by presenting your WGA card, your announcement of script sale in Variety, or your lit. agent. (That usually works pretty well for me.) I find it very curious though Wade, given how deep you guys are in production that you even have time for stuff like this. Why don't you devote that energy into just making a great film.

    The question still remains: If you were so deep into the Starck movement, and you guys had your shit so wired tight, why didn't you have a film ready to coincide with the 25th anniversary? I assure you that I will be the first to stand up and applaud if/when you guys make a masterpiece. I'm waiting just like every other fan.

  6. I'll answer only the most relevant of your questions, and then I'm done with this.

    I will always take the time while we are deep in production to defend my honor because I work 18-20 hour days regularly. Seriously. Ask anyone. So basically, this still fits neatly into my schedule.

    That's it. That's all.

    Now, back to the lab.


  7. That was the most superficial of questions I was asking, but thanks for clarifying. (You work a lot.) In fact, I know you're a talented guy as I read an excellent piece you wrote comparing Starck to Studio 54.

    But, your posts here reek of insecurity. Usually, the alpha male doesn't have to run around letting everyone know, "I'm the alpha male, I'm the alpha male, I'm the alpha male."

    To go a step further Wade, you have no more or no less a right to claim ownership of the Starck legacy. The fact is I passed through those doors just like you did. Several people who were employees from the beginning to end have no idea who you are/were. You were not an employee, nor a DJ there. I can idolize Stanley Kubrick and devote everything I do to him, but it doesn't mean I own his legacy or have any real connection to him.

    Simply, some people just glom onto things. Some put their stamp on something after buying (or their wife/girlfriend/partner) does the buying and offer very little effort and scream, "this is mine, I did this." Some can con their way into seeming to be an expert on something when maybe they are or maybe they are not. The fact you were interviewed on Jennings piece about mdma and Starck doesn't mean you're an expert on the subject. Although, maybe indeed you are. The fact remains you are entitled to make any film you want on the Starck Club, but you don't have the right to control anyone else's conversation on the subject.

    Lastly, all I know is this: after a lengthy period of inactivity by your team I came to town ready to finish the project w/ my own money (from screenwriting actually) and someone shouted NO DO NOT TALK TO THESE FILMMAKERS, THE MANAGEMENT!!!! Nice touch "the management." After having conversations w/ both Blake and Greg McCone it was really interesting to see how busy you guys got after I left. Is it curious timing? Was their a conversation wondering aloud what the heck is going on w/ this purported passion play of yours? Do some people just like to read their name in the papers? I don't know the answer to these questions. Maybe, just maybe, although I'm certain it would never be acknowledged, I was the catalyst to get this thing going.

    Maybe, maybe not. I'm happy you've allowed the opportunity here to peer a bit into your psyche though. It's become very clear what really matters to you.

  8. For the record, The Starck Project promo trailer was absolutely fantastic. Your interview was very interesting and I'm not sure what your role is in the production but it was a job well done by all...

    Proving once and for all success is always the best revenge. Congrats!

  9. From Wade Hampton addressing myself in an earlier post:

    "You've made a film about a very special place.

    Your connection to the topic?



    Then consider that you didn't go to film school at the Starck but I sure as hell modeled my entire life and career, based on what I learned there. I make films and music at the core of dance/DJ culture and have since the very first on the topic were made."

    Speaking of moving on to another subject your Starck Project hasn't even been released and your "team" is raising money and shooting the Stanley Marcus doc... A little hypocritical, no?