Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New campaign on Indie gogo

I wrote about the so called dualing Starck docs awhile back, you can read about it here: The bottom line is while there is a quality short film that exists on the club there still does not exist a full treatment befitting the majesty of the Starck Club! It was my hope that the short film would whip up a bit more support by now, primarily an investor who would step up and help us get the feature doc done by now. Unfortunately, that has not been the case.

Now, one of two things can happen... If you are a fan of the club, you can sit around and wait until the suits, the ones who defintely do have the money, see fit to put a little of that money where their mouths are and invest a bit of their own income into said film they said they were going to make about a year ago... OR, you can step up and make a micro contribution to those who've already demonstrated their chops by making it happen! We have a new fan page up here: If we could reach the magical 1,000 mark like both the Starck Club Revisited and The Starck Project pages, then say theoretically everyone on that list kicked in $20. This would be enough to shoot more footage, acquire more music and stock footage, finish the edit for an 80-90 minute feature documentary AND ALLOW EVERY CONTRIBUTOR THEIR OWN COPY OF THE COMPLETED FILM!!!!!!!!!

You see this is not a donation, this is not a loan, rather this is a pre-order for the completed film! It's really that simple, all you have to do is tell all your pals about our fan page and our campaign and kick in $20. Even in these trying economic times that's a reasonable investment. Even if we don't get the full amount we need we still have RIGHT NOW AS I WRITE, enough footage to double the length of the film and put together  some cool out takes. All we need is some dough to pay an editor! In fact, you get a film no matter what. It seems a pretty good deal no matter how you slice it. Here's an out take just posted recently: More to follow soon...

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